Yesterday, I talked about how people are living in communities 60 miles away from where they are working (where economic development is easiest to succeed) and one reason for the 48% of the TSplost that goes to highway improvements is that raising the gas tax is not a politically viable option and as gas prices rose in the last several years, is also not as marginally productive.

So, instead of taxing the people that are driving far distances to pay for roads we’ll transfer that to stay at home moms, teleworkers, or people who ride transit every day for going to a local sandwich shop or buying clothes. ¬†We’ll punish stores by making online or out of the region purchases cheaper. Oh, and if you want to avoid paying this tax? Just use all of that gas that you’re not being taxed on to drive out of the region – the stores that are farthest away from the transit hub that wears out the most road to maintain inventory and customers.

Instead, Governor Deal is delaying the rise of a Gas Tax (8c was scheduled in June) because it’s not economically viable at this time. Yet a 1% sales tax increase on everything is? Or sidelining funds for a new Georgia Dome?

[Additional Gripe, I ride transit every day, but in the summer, I’m taxed with the fact that we still don’t have clean air in the Perimeter and the heat and commuters keep adding to that. I’m not driving on the highway, because I have chosen to live in a location with transit options available. The regional gas tax should therefore go towards funding Marta, rather than a SPLOST that works the opposite way.]

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