No On TSPLOST TIA: Reason Sprawl

Yesterday, I started a discussion about the proposed TSPOST vote coming up on July 31. I’m not a fan. I mentioned toward the end, that some businesses already use the existing transit infrastructure in their favor, so to extend that, today, we’ll talk about sprawl.

Many Atlantans have a 30 mile commute these days from towns like Marietta, Roswell, and Alpharetta. Others choose to live farther North, in cities such as Cumming and Holly Springs for commutes that are in the 60 mile range. I’m less familiar with the South Side of the city, but commutes from Jonesboro and Peachtree city clog 75/85 North. Everybody is crossing from side to side with a city in the middle.

Downtown Atlanta is Empty, even the Big Brother’s Big Sisters group moved to Midtown this year – but if you go to a braves game, go to pay a traffic ticket, you’ll see 3/4 of the buildings are for Lease / Sale – most of underground Atlanta shops are empty. If companies wanted to offer public transit, these place are right on the rail line.

Neighborhoods are empty, our last census showed a 200,000 person migration from these empty parts of town out of state or to the suburbs. If you venture to go to communities in south Atlanta, there are dozens of empty glamorous houses sitting boarded up and for sell for less than $50,000. Instead, people are commuting, buying $200,000 cookie cutter houses in Rome or Holly Springs.

This accomplishes:

  • Economic Depression in the middle of the city
    No retail jobs because nobody is living there.
  • Increased Crime Rates
    Homeless and Vagrants are living where dozens of brick houses are
  • Long Commutes for People living far away.
    And the pollution that accompanies it.
  • School shutdowns and rezoning.
    And long term loss in education

 A disintegrating city.  and metro area.