No On TSPLOST TIA: Date Gerrymandering

Another reason to look wearily at the TSPLOT vote is how the vote was made special. In Georgia, We had elections last November, Primaries this Spring, and the Presidential elections come up in November.

It costs money to have a special election. Polling places have to be open. Early voting and absentee voting has to happen…. It wasn’t worth it for most cities to have any sort of special election for Sunday Alcohol sales, but clearly, we couldn’t have voted 3 months in either direction, and instead need to spend some small millions of dollars.

The next obvious question is why? Because it’s “gerrymandering” the voting system. Because we have a Democratic Party president in office, the Republican Party contender was the major decision of the primaries, and Republicans are more enthusiastic to vote in November. In the end of July while people are on Summer vacation, no one group is going to be more likely to show up.

Cost the region millions before raising their taxes by billions because the state doesn’t want to reallocate income tax money…. Brilliant!