No On TSPLOST / TIA: Reason Jobs

On July 31, Fulton County AND Metro Atlantans will be voting on a referendum to collect a special 1c sales tax that will lead toward transportation. Many people are surprised that I’m against it, but in my next several posts, I hope to show you why, if not persuade you.

Today, we’re going to talk about jobs. ┬áTIA advocates say that easier transportation will make it easier for companies to set up offices and attract people to Atlanta. Whether it’s through less traffic or easier public transportation. I argue that raising our tax rate will actually dissuade jobs.

Austin is another “Southern City” with a similar climate, similar lifestyles, similar costs of living, and is having a huge technology boom right now (ask Rick Perry.) The top reason’s why my friend moved there were a salary boost (at a cooler tech company) and that salary came with the bonus that there is No State Income Tax. Yet, Austin has some public transportation and only has an 8% sales tax. So, this SPLOST, would not only maintain Atlanta being 6% less competitive, but worsen the deal by ┬ámore than 1% in sales taxes.

I’ll talk more about real estate in the next post, but consider that BellSouth (Downtown) significantly funds and supports the North Springs Marta Station and that parking deck is full at least 5 days a week.