Scuba Lake Martin

This weekend, a few of my friends got together to Scuba at a few sites on Lake Martin, Al. We just got certified last October, so didn’t get a chance to go on any dives after our certification. And going to Lake Martin was local, cheap, and calm to get a few more dives under our belts.

 On Friday, we had a few high traffic areas to go to first.

Chimney Rock (actually Acapulco Rock) is a popular hangout spot on the lake with some cliff jumping. The visibility here was pretty great around 20ft with bright and clear waters. We went down to about 57ft, into a thermocline that was very cold (57 degrees fahrenheit is cold when you’re surrounded by water.) The coolest part was that there was a sunken 25′ or so cabin cruiser that we got to swim around. The bad part is where we lost landmarks (because there weren’t many and the cliffs were not subtle in depth change.)

Old Kowaliga Bridge is where there was a bridge collapse from 1996. This was easier to navigate because we could see each side of the old bridge. The main sites were the surface and the wooden supports to hold it up. We only got down to about 40′, the temperature was warmer, and we stayed under for 42 minutes.

Saturday, we decided to search for the B-25 which famously crash¬†landed in the Sandy Creek Area. Like the news articles said though, this area was deep (70′ plus) and very dark and cold. Our visibility was much less than that at Chimney Rock and there was not much to see or navigate with. Because we got bored, we called this dive basically as soon as we could count it, with a very long decompression stop.

The GoPro that I used worked really well for taking pictures under water. I wore the helmet straps and tethered it to my BC (important because it fell off at one point). It had no problems at 60 feet and the case held fine. A lot of the internet remarks how the wide angle lens looks strange under water, but I think it looks fine.