Technology Is Hard

I hang around in a lot of Science / Technology / Engineering / Math circles, partly because that’s what I do during the day and where I went to college – and we’re hiring at Pardot and my startup weekend projects could almost always use more engineers.

But, on the Math front, a friend from high school’s Facebook post alerted me that as a high school math teacher, my age, in the same gifted programs I was in had to ask the geek squad to remove a virus.

The problem that I see in this, is that this is a problem that my generation, my class has seen since high school – computers getting viruses on them, one could say that it’s a day to day problem that affects all of us. Perhaps the solution isn’t clear – either in avoidance or ¬†which removal / search & destroy anti virus and anti malware software is out there.

But again, this is a gifted person, who has been around computers all of their life. They are in a leadership position affecting future students – those most likely to edge toward STEM, those who most need to feel empowered to be able to solve simple, every day problems and have control over their environments.

How can we empower everybody to solve the majority of their own daily problems. How can we emphasize the ease of re-installing an operating system and easily backing things up? How can society have obvious ways to fix their every day tools – their computers.