Domains Transferring from GoDaddy to NameCheap

As a technologist and web developer that uses the internet for various uses, I’ve seen many cases where the DMCA has been used inappropriately – but, as an artist, I’m also aware that websites can and will steal and use my images and art. (I look for free art or news related pictures sometimes when posting blogs, but much prefer my own pictures to avoid the issues.) is one of the writers of the SOPA bill in front of Congress that makes enlarges the consequences and government involvement in copyright issues. They reversed their primary blog post in full support as they lost customers, but they still sponsored the bill.

Historically, I used GoDaddy because it was an easy way to keep my domains in one place. The user interface – and my annoying username is a strange account number presented minor problems. I even used them as a DNS host as it was more central than and allows *some* wildcard posting. The whole CEO hunting elephants didn’t bother me. The Danica Patrick and Hooters style models bothered me significantly – but honestly it did help me know that they are a big name in the business (I love car racing, so Danica Patrick is great, but truly using the sex sales method in tv commercials is a bit distracting and not befitting to women.)

Today, I finally made the jump. Is it because of SOPA? Some. Mostly I’ve been seeing competing prices at namecheap – and the managers and login process at GoDaddy have been annoying. Namecheap still has some user interface issues. Their branding is based purely on price, and they are part of a large corporate conglomerate – but their marketing did a great job on the SOPA polices.

The change was pretty simple, though, I wish that I had found a better designed import / export system for eep codes and DNS management. Ultimately EEP, SPF, and Domain Keys were the biggest pains as I had to go through each domain that had these (DKIM is going to be different anyway) and it was relatively cheap – cheaper than renewing at stock prices next year anyway.

It’s worth noting that I’m a small player, only had 8 domains.