Texting Apps

My IPhone Friends seem to be all about WhatsApp, Beluga, and HeyWire. It’s strange because when I go visit them on vacation or start to really hang out with them, they’re not okay with me just giving them their number for text, instead they want me to download and sign up for an app. A huge burden when I have HTC Sense that does group and messaging on a plan that costs me nothing (SPRINT.)

How are text messaging costs still plaguing us 5 years later? I can’t believe that these aren’t unlimited yet! Also, unlimited data means that my google voice is an extra free text messaging service.

Imessage will replace this – but there is no android equivalent. Of course, somehow it’s not enough that I can facebook message, tweet, and text on my phone – much less gtalk, and fully email.

What are are your thoughts on these group messaging platforms?