American Made Car Failures

A 2001 Dodge Stratus has no active ignition disabler. Really? A 1998 Nissan did. Heck, my 1989 Mazda did.

I’ve had a couple of friends that have had their cars stolen in the last couple of years. One was a 1998 Dodge Intrepid and another a 2001 Dodge Stratus. I also had a chance to ride in a 2001 Chevy Malibu recently – which is really what brought out a lot of these thoughts.

My 1989 Luxury Car
  • No power locks
  • Loose carpet interior
    (a finely stitched interior is nice, but american cars have a fluffy composition)
    Not to mention the fabric and glue is more likely to tear and come unglued
  • No Active Ignition Disabling System
    Long before even the Gone in 60 Seconds Mercedes encoded keys
  • Nothing that looks like an alarm (on vehicles without an alarm)
    BMWs all have a “clown nose” that looks like an alarm. A little blinking LED on a radio or the dash does a lot.
Now. I want to go back to the car that I bought when I was 18. I paid $2000 for it and it was in pretty good condition. It was a 100% Japanese made 1989 Mazda RX-7 (it did have luxury features like power locks and an alarm). It had all of the features listed above (also had electric windows.) Granted, any thief that did their research would know how to steal it – but I also live in a city and time where robbers are’t the best with manual transmissions.
After 11+ years, American car manufacturers were unable to compete in these BASIC security and luxury departments.
I parked in the City of Atlanta during 3 years of college. In a location where other cars were broken into, locked back yards were stolen from, etc. My friends had their American cars stolen in as short of a time as during dinner.