Stop Hiding Your Unsubscribe

[ This is a post somewhat related to work – and I apologize for that as I try to keep my work and personal blog separate ]

Dear Email Marketers,

Stop hiding your unsubscribe links in small, strange to find locations. You’re not helping yourself. If I like or respect you enough to actually open your email – when I want to unsubscribe and I can’t find it, I’m going to do 2 things.

Why is this text so small
Why is This Text So Small!?
  • Report you as spam on my Gmail Google Apps.
  • Consider reporting you for spam on
This means for you – that if I don’t want your email – I go through the task of opening your email – and I can’t unsubscribe gracefully:
  • You will get blacklisted (spam complaints are not good for your reputation)
  • Your next email will hurt your list health when you get bounces back from me
  • You are subject to a $10,000 fine (from my one case, not counting anybody else like me)
It’s really not in your best interest to make that unsubscribe link as small as possible now is it? Try the following:
  • Put your unsubscribe link in the bottom center of the page.
  • Make it reasonably sized.
  • Put it in some fun context. (could be your last chance to save me as a prospect)
At work I have heard of way too many clients asking how to do this. Some even made / tried to make their unsubscribe links white to blend in with the page background. Stop doing it wrong! If people don’t want your email, you want to be the first to know (you can make your lead gen / marketing better in the future) not the last.