Regarding Unemployment

As thousands of people are protesting among the U.S. by camping in parks and near Wall Street – As the U.S. government looks to pass an extended unemployment bill – As states look for ways to prevent people from claiming unemployment (drug tests)….

There are shortages (12,000+ min wage+) jobs for crop pickers in Georgia. There are shortages (20,000+ $100k/yr) jobs for skilled welders in South Carolina.

Why should states that are having to cut their exports – and recruit probationers and prisoners to work these jobs – be paying anybody unemployment. If there are 10,000 entirely unskilled (but hard work) jobs available in Georgia, how is 10% of the population seeking employment?

I understand that there are things that we are locked into, and maybe it would be difficult to drive / carpool / bicycle to south Georgia to be a migrant farm worker. But if you really want to claim unemployment, we need pickers to provide supply (there is demand for the end products and the farm produce)


[ When I was unemployed, I took a job as a car Valet on a night where I would have loved to go out, New Years Eve. The wage was not guaranteed and was somewhat difficult work as it was understaffed.]