Google Plus is Dead

When Google Plus went into Beta, everybody RUSHED to get an invite.

Oh, wait, I waited a week to get into the action – and the only reason I think I did was to check it out. It certainly didn’t get my attention – I’d been using lists on Facebook since 2008.

Today, in my mind, Google Plus is dead – all it is is an annoying red box on my gmail and google finance page telling me about people I’ve never talked to – but who are friends of my Twitter followers – adding me to circles.

I think that a lot of the reason is that it’s feature poor. Having my bio and info about me is neat – I want people to see my clubs and activities, what and who I am interested in. I want a wall, I want simple messages (and group messages.)

Two of every 3 people that I’ve talked to feel the same way.

My Google plus wall gets full of Scoble posting about things. My friends seem to never post (and neither do I.) I don’t even know what I can post without taking several seconds to figure out who all is following me through various circles and super specifying content – in effect, I already have 2 circles – Facebook is for friends that I want to know their favorites, relate to them; Twitter is where I want to have educated short discussions.