RHOK – Message Carrier

This weekend, I had a great time giving a few hours to a Random Hacks of Kindness project, Message Carrier.

Message Carrier is designed to help people communicate to the world (that they have survived) when their typical outside connections (3g / 4g / Internet / phone) may not be available by sharing the messages amongst the local bluetooth crowd and sending them when the first internet connection becomes available to any single user.

The team that I got to work with was great! I’d met a few before at the Microsoft Azure Incubation Week, and worked with some before at Atlanta Startup Weekend. For only being a 24 hour conference, getting to a working concept with a demo was amazing! Some of the guys didn’t sleep at all!

Message Carrier on Github

Our official Solution Posting

The other projects made amazing progress too.

Kit Track helps track aid kits across the globe with a very nice looking google apps integration.

Good Samaritan Helps connect people who need help with those in their area willing to help.

Tornado Track helps report emergency weather in your area before you might otherwise know.