My First ZipCar Experience

Zip Car

On Friday, I needed a car, so I used my recently acquired zip car membership. I had actually chosen a luxurious BMW 328 for my trip on Friday afternoon, but then…

My Car Was Gone

I was kind of afraid that this would happen if I used this service, and they have a pretty stern late policy ($50 in cost) and I had places to be and things to do! Instead I got a different car, parked across the street, a Ford Escape. [They also comped me a little extra time for my delay]

New Cars Are Weird

They’re so plastic, and cheap plastic. Thats barely broken in. Every time you try to adjust the radio you’re afraid that the button is so brittle and ceramic coated that it’s going to break. Also, I’m not a big fan of an automatic transmission, being able to actually control a car and feel a car is something I need. Yeah, I know, zip car isn’t for that.

No Android Support

I know, I’m counter hipster, but if you’re not going to support my phone with an app, at least let me access your web site (Though, I could get to it on my phone when I originally looked it up) so I had to call the number, OLD SCHOOL WAY, by actually calling.

Overall A Good Experience (4/5)

I extended my reservation quickly while I was enjoying a dinner – with a simple phone call that took all of 30 seconds. It got me where I needed to go, and really trouble free (and I had no worries about what Libya’s done to gas prices.) I think that I’m going to try my next trips in one of these. (When I can’t carpool and save the environment of course?)