Sunday Alcohol Sales in GA

Other than Hope being severely destroyed the other popular issue in Georgia has been Sunday alcohol sales. Currently, only restaurants can sell alcohol on Sunday and not Grocery Stores, Gas Stations, or Liquor Stores.

But lets face it, it’s not really that big of a deal. Keeping a cache that happens to be available for Sunday is a feat only those with limited foresight are missing right now. In fact, if you’re the stereotypical TV character that has a beer or a glass of wine every night after work, are you dependent of the grocery store selling beer every single night? NO! You buy in bulk.

Sure it would be nice when you realize that New Years Eve and the Superbowl are on Sunday if you could go get some beer for your party, but it’s not a necessity.

The complaint some liquor stores are making is that they would have to be open on Sundays (which is a huge operating cost) and true: Traffic on Saturday would decrease and be in lower bulk with fewer caches kept. They’re not legally obligated to be open, but to be competitive they would have to be. But this being said, if they’re really trying to pinch penny’s, maybe they should decide to have more stringent hours – or close on a day like Tuesday (where I’m sure their marginal profit is nowhere close to Thursday -> Saturday)

What if we just allowed Grocery Stores to sell beer and wine on Sundays. I often go to the grocery on Sunday and can’t buy a bottle of wine (that I would probably consume throughout the next few weeks whenever I east pasta — yes I’m italian.) I would also suggest that being able to buy 24 packs of beers would suffice much of the desire to purchase alcohol for events such as Nascar, NFL, New Years, and Super Bowl parties. Maybe not selling the “hard liquor” would be enough to please the Christian Coalition — and keep the liquor store owners reasonable.