Startup Riot


Policy and procedures for companies. Beyond aiki. Free checklist make.

Mogley. On my phone wallet. I want! Given rewards like a credit card and get adopted quickly.

Triplingo. Love that he said he wants an investor with more than a checkbook.

Nouvou – encryption with flow control. Keeps labels available. OS based, not removable. What about analog capture though? Spies used to use cameras before computers.

Place punch. Businesses need marketing strategies for.location based marketing. Don’t recreate checking in, use existing leaders.

Merlin mobility is looking like an awesome feature for do it yourselves. The app creator and augmented reality sell it. She used a lot of buzzwords Bingo!

Voice cloud, presented by Andrew Watson. Twill with people doing voice transcribe.

Pardot. I work here. It would unfair to tout it too much. But its awesome.

Thundrlizard . Blue slides… 8 bit. Pre revenue, but have a contract ready and are getting their business intelligence social kicked off.

Group story. I met George last year at startup weekend, but their software helps prevent people from talking when creating their custom photo book.

Comic colony. A Sunday comic collection that makes it so people don’t have run their own sites. They’ll need some adoption and a good monetizatiob strategy and customization for authors and creators.

Mobiomatic. Dramatic presentation by Jamie becker. Outsource your mobile, social pantech needs to save you from dining with the stresses of small biz.

Ninja post. Post shotput company with ajax forums. Funny laughs at crazy forum posters.

Dnsimple. Tired of godaddy site? Manage your dns simply. Ps. I hatethe go daddy interface. But they’re cheap and do what I need.

Clickscape . Get a discount when you buy a house because you searched the house that you want rather than paying agents for their pre internet model.