Startup riot set 3

Following a great keynote by @shbbll

Layer – a spinoff of rankem, apparently for nsf. Ranks ideas and criteria for projects and business decisions. Great simple yet elegant slides by @mattstech.


Emcien – feedscrub for tweets. Only see.content that is important to you… but I only follow people whose tweets I can tolerate, and events they go to inherently hold some of my interest.¬† Side: I don’t think that she likes beer

Zoompfh. This was demo that I took downstairs. It basically runs mod pagespeed on your site but can also give you detailed reports of how to fix the issues. Has some value to super high performance sites, but limited if people have used pagespeed  or firebug much. Side: I will not convert my 1k famfamfam house icon to jpg to save 35% of its file size.

Ucloser tries to.make real estate closing software efficient one place.

Erollover. I’m still not sure why I should pay another round of fees from one 401k to whether unless it got really unbalanced. I like the idea that it is fee instead of commission based.

Gopresent. Make web meetings easier for sales. At some point with sharing screens people will have software issues. I like the click to do like website chat.

Wynsum arts. My confession is that I learned my own way to tie my shoes that is 2x faster but stays tied half as long.¬† Devices will allow us to teach and communicate with those with learning disorders… think about Google goggles.possibilities. though I’m left not really feeling like know what the company strictly does.

Stormpulse . I’m not very knowledgeable about weather patterns Andy have tuned out. But a lot of people love watching storm fronts and patterns.

Minglle . Try to meet with people who may or may not want to meet with you with a new service that sort of duplicates 2 outgoing people and foursquare.

Time doctor. See where your employees are spending their time. If you have babysit your employees you may not be doing it right. Also engineers will find a way around a fence which lay people might to. Oh. And people will hatetehir jobs or spend Morw time on their smart phones.

Telineage : verifies that the bank.calling you is actually your bank. This is a.pretty reasonable problem as I know.a.friend that got a fake call that started asking for a lot of information.

Diner connection. This can and will be done by companies and reduces the relative costs of telling clients that their table is ready. Though confusing bc the easiest to implement is to just get a phone number or email. Also, we don’t have a universal scanning option.

Teamex. Business and team management accounting.