Startup riot part 2

WiFi should be working. People hosting their own hot spots should probably stop.

Dealy . Commerce product promotion. Not group buying, distribution team.

Digify . Mobile only media. Makes mobile work. Great problem to fix. I hastening redirected multiple times. An app to download makes just want to do rss scrapes. Also, I like my NYTimes more.

Cubevibe. 1/3 workers is not engaged. How do we engage them, how do we know they’re not engaged. Good problem. They report that no other service works … what will make app actually work?

Collector dash – established collector exchange web site. Not my thing, but Chris stuckey’s is similar with a social.. so good fortune for Chris.

Coolleaf . No commentson this as meetup and.coaching fits my fitness needs.

Plug me in. Connects your browser to linked in. Seems like a simple (good way) idea. Wonder if it breaks the strict linked in rules.

Musicsesh. Music lessons seems like something i would want live, but people do take lessons. Prove the market and you’re ok.

Tourwrist. Virtual real estate tours through augmented reality. Already habit customers, already has photographer network. Remindsmeof something that Jeff tough was working on.

Transloadit. All of the way from Germany. Transcend my video. Take processing load off of my servers. Is it price competitive? I think I like it.

Visitor leads . Marketing automation for collecting data. You pay per report and price is near $100.

R3 collaborative. This would be cool to communicate seminars with giftedsoft. Like for.teacher recording usage. Mit gives lessons free though.

Localdipity . Cb radio on your phone. No real positive comment.

Pretty in my pocket. Looking for 250k 2nd ish round. Looks pretty. I need a women to tell me if its valuable.

Rentingsmart. Tracks expenses, eye on your rent management co. Finding tradesmen could make.some things easier.


@homeclue carfax for houses. When was maintenance done. For this to work, you need either insurance companies or remax (carmax for the metaphor) if you can get some of that then you’re set. Buyers will choose reaclors who havethe info / service

swipe motion. Make applications and presentations for tablets easy. Blurred a line with it management in the representation

team ex.