So What? Iphone on Verizon

The big and 3 day predicted news was that Iphone would be moving to Verizon. So What? 3g technology is several years old and both Tmobile and Sprint have phones that have some sort of \”like 4g\” radio that is typically 4X or more faster than 3g.  Verizon \”has\” this LTE network, but has no devices out for it other than usb modems (not even the tab has it.)  – and Verizon is waiting until \”mid-2011\” to release any handsets with it. If you\’re tired of the AT&T network and want speed, don\’t just switch to Verizon and have a two year contract on a device that is going to be practically irrelevant this summer – especially if Apple announces a 4g LTE iphone and ipad..