LinkedIn Vs. Facebook Event Response Rates

Maybe you heard about my co-hosting of Atlanta Bar Camp 2010 last November and maybe you received an invitation from me to attend (if so, don\’t take this personally.) One thing that I noticed within a few hours of posting the Linked In invite and inviting some of my network were true letters stating why these people couldn\’t come to my event and that wanted to catch up in the future. Facebook, like we all know when we invite all of our friends, had a few comments, but few of people who weren\’t thinking that they\’d be able to attend.

On Linkedin, you can see that as soon as I sent out invitations, I quickly got 3 responses, and later a 4th one – and a couple in person. I only sent invitations to 36 people. The one person who did respond saying that they would attend showed up.

The messages were more personal too. Of the responses most mentioned what their company was in the middle of doing, said their comments on the event, and hoped to catch up soon.
\"\"Facebook was a different story. The first half of this story is that I invited about 70 people total (others invited more on the same event), some who I had mentioned that I was hosting the event to already. Of the invites, 3 people attended (about on par) with Linkedin, but many did not, and of the Maybes, none showed up.  A few people wrote on the wall, but no real personal interaction occurred. 1 friend from the real world was on the invites, not responded, but arrived.

People Did Show Up,

But only a few of those were from my social networks and most consisted of the existing meetup group attendants. Some of my friends did beyond Facebook and Twitter did show up, and mostly anybody that I mentioned it to in person did add a personal comment. Meetup did a great job of keeping the group together that had been in the past, and overall we had almost 50 overall in attendance.