Critic (And the Like)


I hate to be critical of running startups, because I\’ve never raise $500 of capital, much less $500k of capital like InstaGram, but, I\’m going to because somebody asked on Quora about Flickr failing to get into the mobile single post image game.

The IDEA of mobile picture sharing is to share with friends. This means to me, that a service that does solely images (like InstaGram) will never be as great as something like Facebook. And, as a twitter user, I use TwitPic, mostly because it is very well integrated into every twitter client and has a pretty easy to use comment system. My incentive to download a different app is severely limited when I have two that do what I need.

Capital Intensive; Where is the money? Hosting images is the next most costly thing to hosting video, and I suppose that with maximum ad revenue, you might be able to make money. But let\’s face it: If you have images online, who actually looks at the ads next to the picture where the attention focuses : Viewers have a specific scope. Ads in the app – which I\’m still not convinced actually make much money – might be the source.