I Sat on an Exercise Ball At Work


On MSN health I read that sitting at an exercise ball can be a healthy change at the workplace, and fair enough, we have one laying around at the Pardot offices that isn\’t used all of the time. SUpposedly, it leads to:

  • Better Posture
  • Stronger Core Muscles
  • Faster Metabolism (Weight Loss)

I\’ve got to admit that it was pretty comfortable today, even when compared to my Aeron, other than when the coworkers kicked at it or when a different coworker (that shares a desk with me) noticed that I was bouncing a little on it.

Other advantages:

  • Easily Transportable (I went to some coworker\’s desks to help with issues and calls)
  • Fun (You can bounce it and more)

Sidenote : A coworker had a quote on her white board \”Happiness belongs to those who are easily contented.\” Aristotle and I\’m pretty sure that that is me.