Do You Talk Or Text

Cell phone technology has changed very significantly since I was a young man – just 7 years ago when I got my first personal one – and it\’s drastically affecting our every day use.


While, I grew up in the 90s the family had everything going back to the large back phone for the car. When I was in college the idea of texting started coming around. I think that my first situation where I found people texting ALL OF THE TIME was with girls that I was dating – when I had been brought up with calling etiquette. Then, as I became more and more involved with new groups for projects, parts of clubs, or social outing groups – texts were where it was at. I distinctly remember my good friend Austin in college asking why I always called him back after he sent a text; part of it had to do with the money, sure, but part of it had to do with something that I grew up with (actually talking with people.)

I\’m very much a people person too, so adapting to a more text environment is strange. Sure, I guess that I got used to the idea via Aol Instant Messenger, but even those were longer, more involved, conversations than what 80% of text messages are. I think that twitter made a difference for me too, getting used to short ideas, and expression. And, I kept on dating girls who like to use text and chats as more often than a phone call. I do still feel like a call is more personal, and I think that this can be evidenced pretty easily in who I end up meeting up with to go out and party and such. I still like hearing voices.  Of course, I\’ve also worked in a call center and still believe that calls are more fun to answer than emails. And, even working today, I get noticed because I spend face time with people that others aren\’t really used to.

Of course, I\’ve had a new cell phone with a QWERTY virtual keyboard for about 6 months now, and of course, everything is included in my plan, and I can text from at least 2 different numbers if I really want to.

On that note though, I was always a big Sony fan, and their T9 is a close second to a virtual keyboard – and with real buttons, text messaging was much less visually distracting.

Direct Answer

I used to not believe in texting unless I was busy or a call was inconvenient, but I\’m no longer practicing that, I send texts now, but I send them in a chat like manner, because now, they;\’re unlimited, and quick to type.