Are You An Astronaut or an Astronomer

I grabbed this topic from a topic a day post, and it should be pretty entertaining.


An astronaut would be somebody who sees how something works and (risks their life) and make it work, while an astronomer views something from a safe distance and makes theories.

This relates a lot to my college career as one of the main reasons that I was disenfranchised with Mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech was because of its heavy scientific theory and basis and lack of hands on activities. I\’ll grant you that most college students probably haven\’t rebuilt the heads of cars and jet skis, laid fiberglass, or done copper piping for the hot water in a house – but I like that most of my education is based on that. I would much rather quickly come up with a theory and see if it breaks things than come up with a perfect theory that is completely tested.

Supposedly it\’s a motto at facebook to break something every day, I love that.

On the other hand, as a photographer hobbyist – or at work on something that I haven\’t worked on. I\’m often just observing. And in teams, I\’d rather step back and let whoever is assertive about an idea push the button instead of me – assuming I\’m indifferent.