2011 A Short Blog Post for Every Weekday

Based on the goal set my @JeffHilimire and Josh Marten, and a precedent set by my boss (@david_cummings) of posting a blog post every day, I\’m going to try to shoot for a blog post the equivalent of every weekday. This task will take some effort by me, and it would probably be helpful if I got new content ideas every now and then. I may release some of my thoughts on the code I work on at Gifted Soft or on Pardot, or just quick little blurbs (aka a night startup drinks happens) or on SOB breakfasts.

So summary of the goals for 2011:

  • Eat at home or at the office more often
  • Get more involved with Midtown friends
    As I\’m against driving and most of my suburban friends are in long term relationships this is key.
    I think that I will join more meetups and try to find more activities around.
  • Workout more (sort of the standard) but I need to lift more and run harder distances.
    In June, I was going to the work gym 2x a week. Now it seems that I never do.
  • Make more artwork. I bought myself a camera for Christmas, time to have some fun with it and publish on DeviantArt.