Cohosting Atlanta BarCamp 4

This Friday will be the 4th annual Atlanta BarCamp , hosted at the Atdc and hosted by myself and Sam @samsm.

I challenge anybody reading my blog to come with some new ideas to teach me more, and most of all show up. We have almost 60 registrations so far and expect many more Friday night.

Challenge one : setting a date was difficult, the things to avoid were home gt football games and big Atlanta events like taste of Atlanta.

2. Sponsorship seemed a little difficult to gather this year, and while the Atdc can help ponsor the location, air conditioning and other fees apply. Luckily, I\’m a perfect business case for.Microsoft as I started a company with their Azure incubation week after hearing about it from the sponsors last year. Then we got in contact with Core Commerce which has products some attendees might use forĀ  payment processing. We\’re still looking for more sponsorship though to pay for more food and drink.

3. Letting go. If we don\’t have a final sponsor, I\’ve got to realize that this is an un conference with creative idea people. They won\’t kill me if something doesn\’t quite go right.

I\’m going to attend bar camp too though. Which means I need to prepare some talks.

1. I really want to talk about my experience auto racing with the sports car club of America and how it provides a good way for everybody to learn how to handle during loss of traction. How could we institute it as privatized required education?

2. Cloud. Anybody with a web app has some issues with scalabilty and the ideal cloud structure is to use only what you need.

3. Believing ideas are worth $1 to $15 and your time to try. How to start that simple idea or business. Not saying i\’ll make you any money, but at least the idea is out there.

I also plan on taking my sleeping bag so that I can hang out with all of the attendees Friday night.