Fox and Cablevision dispute hits online

NYTimes: Internet Is a Weapon in Cable Fight

When Cablevision customers logged onto and hulu to watch the shows that they missed because of the disputes  but they received a message to the effect of \” do not expect to see content you did not pay for.

It sounds like fox filtered on their address ranges of Cablevision internet customers. Annoying because if any of these users knew how to set up proxies or servers they would be set.

Dangerous because fox presumably has agreements with their online sponsors to serve them to as many people as possible.

Dangerous because hulu and fox .com are here to prevent the black market that exists on torrents. I can almost guarantee you that any geek people ( hello portion house md watchers) would probably do this over a tunnel or proxy — and as this boycott extends and expands, torrenting Tv will spread like Napster.

On the other hand, I watched house without  paying for it by getting my HD content over the air… which Cablevision could just fight the raised costs with by distributing antennas to customers. ( note : this is how dish channels originally did local content)