Hiring 3 movers off of Craigslist

This weekend, I helped my parents move from their house of 20 years. I also became hiring manager and emergency planner right next to the real estate agent.

See, last week they had a garage sale and got rid of three beds, .bedroom set, a tv, sold the refrigerator on Craigslist, etc and were thinking that they had cut their possessions !almost enough to move on their own SO when the moving company estimated a $2k bill with 2 trucks and 6 men, they decided to go with half of that.

Big mistake. Well also their failure to box things by the time movers showed up. By the end of Saturday, at least a full 2nd truck load of belongings were left, we were tired and only had a day left.

I calmed the situation, claimed we could make it, ordered a truck and put an ad on Craigslist. $10 an hour needing 3-5 ppl. I posted at 10:50 pm thinking we would need to magically find day laborers at a home depot because we wodnt get any response.

Boy was I surprised! Not 10 minutes later, the phone was ringing off of the hook and we had 3 friends from decatur.

They showed up 10 minutes early, worked hard and diligently, seeming like they knew what they were doing wrapping, moving, and packing furniture in the truck.

We finished what would have been a nearly impossible task in 2.5 hours. They got pay for the extra half hour, a workout set we needed to throw away and a nice new.fireplace guard that we had no use for. Along with bottled water.

Apparently the group of friends also does drywall and landscaping. They are a group of Americans that have a work ethic and desire.