Ping pong is good for your company.


A lot of .com companies have kept entertainment like ping pong around to add a additional recruiting tool and to prove how fun their lifestyle is, but they have other benefits as well.

  • Active minds : probably the moat commonly thought of reason; programmers are focusing on fixing complex issues and their minds will work better if they get a break.
  • Teamwork : what better way to bond with a team through a competitive sport
  • Health: health insurance can be expensive, and ergonomics related stress injuries (carpel tunnel) are very common in the internet only office. Ping pong gets you on your feet, stretching your back, relaxing your eyes, but extremely importantly, rotating your wrist.

So if you have a ping pong table at your office, you should increase your long term productivity by going to play now.

– Stephen. From my evo 4g.