Street Vendors in Atlanta

At st Charles open breakfast this morning we discussed some of the possible takes on street vending spurring from the new Yumbii group and asking about what legal issues it might face in different cities.

Competition against other businesses that are paying property taxes. Aka a street cart selling eggs, toast and coffee in front of st Charles at a lower price.

Street disruption: traffic would be worse where vendors are trying to park competing with patron parking.

Solicitation: if you have ever been to a mall food court and asked \’what do ya have?\’ But more likely solicited to try samples of different spicy chicken or quesadillas (lenox).

Sanitation. It is more difficult to regulate sanitation requirements when a given food cart is a 1-5k investment that can easily be transferred between companies or just not exist in one place long enough to be reported or audited.

* the varsity in Atlanta already offers trucks with flyers for private communities and offices.
* college football area have outdoor tableau (bobby dodd)
* what about the people selling outside of Marta or water at sporting events
* Atlantic station vendors during Xmas, summer

What are your thoughts? What are your municipal regulations? How do public sidewalks / parking regulate vs. Private areas? Commercial vs residential zoning issues?

(written on Marta on my Evo 4g)