Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

  • my dog ate my aisics but those Reebok felt like plastic #
  • If you have a microsd->sd adapter please bring it to me.#WAHO #SOB @ajaimk @mattstech @keithmcgregor @stephenfleming @colinake #
  • I'm making a series of my experiences with my Sprint Eve 4g #
  • Yay! Finally got comments back up and running on my wordpress. Check out my HTC EVO 4g update at #
  • Installed a Windows Vista Virtualbox on my computer to be able to test for silly ie8 styling issues. #
  • Going to work on a post about the Evos 4g network coverage tonight. From Midtown to the Suburbs (Roswell) checking 4g #
  • RT @mikeschinkel: Why am I soooo tired today? :: I have internet explorer to blame #
  • Everybody is saying BP better pay,but money doesn't buy new coasts, wildlife, and seafood #
  • Clip from Last Days of Lehman Brothers that I mentioned this morning @stephenfleming @gtryan @mmealing #
  • @mmealling @timdorr 100 years ago, only the upper class had cars :: and now a car that does 70+ miles is unacceptable. #ReduceSuburbia #
  • Newsweek : The true cost of oil. What is the environment / future worth? +1.63 in tangibles #
  • @mattstech I've heard this idea before. Offer free cruises for developers to do startup weekend style. Take 50% ownership in everything. #
  • May have just found a place in buckhead to take over renting for a few months. Parkside at Buckhead, Buckhead Ave. 1.4m bike commute #
  • Ha-ha what happens when BP spills coffee #
  • Watching burn notice. Liking this season so far. #
  • @aceonline @rjdobrin ATeam tonight at Studio Movie Grill, 10:20? #

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