Evo 4g : About that battery


The idea that I am so worried about battery life is a negative indicator of what we deal with with smartphones. Everybody worries about it though: palm, rim, Apple, HTC .. and non smartphones too : Samsung, Nokia. 4 years ago, I had a Nokia candy bar the had to be charged every night and it was JUST a phone and camera.

So getting accustomed to charging every night or even twice a day is a bit different than my last Sony Ericsson which I would have charge nightly if I left the mp3 player on all day.

Last week, I did a test to see how long the ego was lasting with \’normal\’ (no hq YouTube) use with a little 3g, some 4g, but mostly just evening WiFi and commute mp3s. It lasted pretty well, above 20%, over 17 hours from leaving work until lunch the next day. Of.course, that\’s with settings optimized.

So \’somebody\’ also tried rooting their phone and under clocking it during sleep -link- which seemed help some, but ultimately led to SD card failure due to not getting the over the air update.

But 17 to 19 hours is pretty decent for a smartphone, but I always worry when doing 4g speedtests and watching hq YouTube that I\’ll be stranded several hours later.

Here is some of the stuff that you can do to save battery:

  • Turn the brightness down. First of all, the automatic brightness is like blinding in any dim situation. But turning it up in the sun is a pain, so find a middle ground.
  • Turn off your screen when you\’re done, it\’s kind of like keylock.
  • Decide which accounts you want to sync and how often. While there are times that you want to be alerted when you get new email, I feel like most of the time I check my phone anyway (especially as I have 3 accounts.) so pushing the sync button when I\’m checking it anyway isn\’t asking much. This saves a ton of power. Do you really need twitter and the weather to sync every 5 minutes, or just every time you check it?
  • Turn off always on Mobile Data. 3g can sleep really well and connect back really quickly,  no reason to stay on it all of the time.
  • Task kill any task that has ads
  • [Underclock you cpu when it it is in standby to the 245mhz level — this will make your phone trickle very little BUT THE CURRENT ROOTING METHOD DOESN\”T GET THE SDCARD UPDATE AND WILL MESS UP YOUR PARTITION TABLE.]