Evo 4g IPhone4 Wwdc

Monday was Apple\’s worldwide developers conference where they would announce the new iPhone (previously leaked by gizmodo) and any other cool able news.

The iPhone 4 sounds really neat. Glass case. Better battery life. To have multitasking. A gyroscope (how do you add a gyroscope and get good battery life?). A camera sensor with a blight too.

Overall though, I think that the wwdc was a disappointment because of no truly new revolutionary products. Everything was just stuff ported from the iPad or a minor thing like slightly higher dpi; or ads to help developers in last decade\’s business model. The stock went down during and after the keynote to reaffirm.

One cool thing that Sprint does to get new customers now is offer a 30 day return policy. So if I do want AT&T and an iPhone, I have some time to make up my mind.