EVO 4g I got A Smart Phone

So, I\’ve finally gotten a smart phone to upgrade from my love of Sony Ericsson sliders and candy bars after a Marta bus ran over said  SE w810i.

I\’ve got the EVO 4g!


I\’ll be making several posts over the next week describing my experiences, results, trials, and tribulations about how I am dealing with the upgrade.

I do just want to give another big shout out to Sony Ericsson over Nokia and Samsung though because their User Interface was vastly superior to most phones I\’ve used before (mostly T9, saving numbers typed during a call) and the Samsung clam shell that I used since my phone got run over my Marta (which by the way, the SE w810 survived, minus the screen and the ability to actually connect a call.)

  • Battery : Moving from a non smart phone with a 3 day battery life will be the biggest change
  • I love being connected to the internet to check email, stock prices, and factoids
  • I\’m in the tech scene that hangs with a bunch of social media people, so I\’ve felt awkward with my dumb phone with a WAP browser
  • I\’m getting kicked off of the family plan so I need relatively inexpensive service