Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-13

  • Just tried to shave the thick haired black lab. Trimmer set just about overheated. #
  • Seems like the leading majority of the girls that I know who are single moms / pregnant went to church with me when I was younger. #
  • #northpointchurch Having guardrails strengthens your resolve #
  • Just woke up and alarm said it was 12:05. Luckily, it was really only 7:24 #
  • @willieljackson It's only #CO if it was a gas appliance that shot itself. If it's an electric it's ionized ozone. in reply to willieljackson #
  • The problem with eating raw cookie dough is when they bake in your stomach before bedtime #
  • The futures markets make me fear a double dip. #
  • The thing that was scary about the 1B share mistake was not that computers reacted, it was that people believed it for a second. #
  • Futures down 17.80. Will a -2% open trigger the computers to sell again? #
  • When a realestate agent (or any professional) emails you from a account, don't trust them. Well, maybe if they are a software dev #
  • #biking classic : Car honks and passes me for rht. I catch up, notify her she is missing her lht signal bc she is brushing her hair #

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