Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

  • #biketowork #day1 Went well, but missed my normal #SOB breakfast. – also 90psi tires (full) are faster than 40psi (flat) tires. #
  • Becoming the next iron man? RE @willieljackson: This is all I have to show for the last hour … #
  • #biketowork day2: Cellphone fell out of pocket when I pulled out my breeze pass. Signal quality seems weaker post 3 ton bus running over it. #
  • @SprintNetwork I'm waiting on the 4g #EVO in Atlanta and my AT&T SE phone got run over a bus today. What can you do for me? #
  • #biketoworkweek day3 : Raising my seat up and tightening my right foot strap sped me up to catch the 5 minute earlier bus. #
  • These are not good signs for your marriage : working late : some guy dan became the mayor of your house RE #
  • #biketoworkweek day4 Was running late and biked all the way to the park and ride. Beat the bus, was going faster than car traffic #
  • Jobless claims ^. $SPY drops ~2.75% in first 45 minutes of trading. European countries risk default. U.S. debt ^. #depression #
  • Testing with cookies / sessions is so much easier with Private / Incognito Browsing. #php #firefox #chrome #
  • Whoah Just realized Emily Deschanel (Bones) and Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of Summer / Almost Famous, Elf) are sisters. #
  • #biketowork day5 Wussed out today, little damp for my tastes.. #
  • Was working on two issues that had the same files. I accidentally partially committed some fuctionality. boo. #SVN #
  • Six flags! #

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