Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

  • Thanks for the umbrella reminder RT: @keithmcgreggor: See you all tomorrow morning at SOBreakfast, where I'm sure the topic: fine weather. #
  • It was strange to see so many students walking / eating near #SOB this morning. 8am Monday Raining finals would be the worst. #
  • Mad at SVN for managing to mess up one of my files with code a coworked added that's not ready for trunk #svn #merge #
  • @ramsey @jwage had no idea that #nashvilleflood was as bad as it is. Check out picture #
  • I biked the ~5miles from home to the nearest Marta stop to get to work today. Getting ready for Bike to work week. May 17th. #
  • @ardell but an engineer knows different duty cycles. So 110% of the continuous duty cycle falls into the not so continuous #
  • I often wonder how any company ever thought it was a good idea to include support for Internet Explorer (6,7, or 8) #
  • It's weeks like this week that are why you have trailing stop orders set. Call access your broker now and tell the ~5% #
  • So this is what happens when the SEC investigates Goldman Sachs. #conspiracytheory #
  • "I don't believe in barriers, because I always break them" ~ Buzz Aldrin on 30 Rock. #
  • Stock orders in English : More likely to accidentally do the wrong # of 0s on orders over 1000. We use Eng in tech too: mb, gb @MahoneyOne #

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