Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-04

  • My internet is crawling. That 3gb I uploaded to storage must have clogged the pipe. @comcastbonnie #
  • @jesspanda anti-meth commercials in GA because we are the Meth capital of the world. (see acworth) in reply to jesspanda #
  • We should be better friends RT: @Gomeler: … only one instance where I spoke faster than my professor was able to understand. Yay coffee! #
  • Can't wait for all of the dodgeball! awesome sport RT: @colinake: ESPN just announced ESPN3. Only 5 more to go before THE OCHO! #
  • Article subjects can be scary WHat his facebook profile really says about him #
  • Could I survive in Atlanta without a car? Just riding MARTA to Lenox Stn? #twtpoll #
  • Think I found the problem withe the #RX7 idle. The air control valve wasn't tight, had an old gasket #
  • Which direction should I go if I decided to get a car? RX8 G35 323 325 Corolla #twtpoll #
  • @mahoneyone re: stoneage and oil-age :: This implies that history won't judge us as idiots for being addicted to oil #
  • @mahoneyone: This is dependent on the future not thinking a culture that is addicted to oil is still stuck in the stoneage #
  • RT: @timdorr: Once again, ThinkGeek has made a fake product I actually want: — They actually sell the 8bit tie now in reply to timdorr #
  • Wython is Python without the White Space. The number one issue programmers have with python. Lol. #
  • I actually think that's a decent idea. RT: @Stammy: RT @html5doctor: The nsfw element #
  • All eyes on Friday Jobs report $spy #
  • Slightly disappointed that google doesn't have a page up at #
  • Re: writing goals down. A dry erase marker works great on your bathroom mirror. @TheMoneyMaven in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • Browsing for a new used sports car for me. It's seeming difficult to find a RWD, Manual. #
  • @stephenfleming @colinake I don't even have an iphone and I've been involved in the iScrabble craze since new years. #

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