Avatar is like Independence Day

I saw Avatar tonight and was slightly disappointed. I got a huge laugh out of Jake\’s speech to the Nav\’i though because it reminded me of Bill Pulman\’s speech in Independence day. Here it is, and if you think about it, Independence Day as a whole is a great way to take the perspective.

I\’ve heard the analogies of Fen Gully and Dances with Wolves, but I feel like people left this one out.


  • Unite all of the tribes – \”Put it across the wire\” \”Declare with one voice\”
  • \”We will not go quietly into the night. We will not vanish. We will live on\”
  • \”Largest aerial battle in the history of mankind.\”

When you think about it more. The aliens in Independence Day were seeking resources because they are like locusts. Much like the humans in Avatar were seeking a precious resource and willing to destroy everything in site.  Additionally, the aliens used earth\’s satellites as using their own technology… and the whole purpose of the Avatars was to learn their ways and use them for weapons planning and possibly diplomacy.


The 3d was pretty neat in the movie. I haven\’t see a 3d film in quite some time. The motion capture seemed like a waste, and I feel really sorry for the CG animators


Politically, I\’m not sure how Avatar can be the highest grossing film ever and the U.S. continue (and have a history) of occupying other countries and decimating people. Whether it be history (Native Americans), cold war (Chile), or present (Iraq, all of those bases everywhere etc). Also, corporatism anyone, can you say contractors in Iraq?


From a nature / environment standpoint. This was a lot like my favorite movie Phenomenon. This clip covers an energy flowing through all of us and the grove of aspen trees in Colorado as the largest living organism.

So that is two more movies that seem to be directly related to Avatar that nobody else is seeing.


I\’m disappointed that so many people vouched for this movie on Leno, Jimmy Falon, Conan. I\’m a little disappointed that people have recommended me see it, or have seen it multiple times.