Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-24

  • I'm going to #startupriot because watching people achieve their dreams is great inspiration! #
  • @Stammy putting a complaint online and getting it to goog #1 is exactly what somebody with a sleep disorder, pet, and heavy tools would do. #
  • RT: @sanjay: @Stammy cannot believe you weren't watching Community… #
  • Dear @comcast 10 years ago I was able to watch apple movie trailers and youtube videos w/o loading on a 1.5mbps conn. I can't on your 18mbps #
  • @nwatkins @gomeler @ajaimk @stephenfleming Glad I'm not on GT SGA this year, these budget cuts are going to be tough to manage. #
  • @sanjay talk to @ajaimk about some laser engraving. He might be able to help out. in reply to sanjay #
  • @sanjay @ajaimk I know that the laser engravers work with Plexiglass. Just need a vector graphic file. #
  • @ajaimk @ sanjay you can adjust the power and the speed. More speed, More power mean it go deeper. #
  • Jay Leno should move to prime time hosting a Top Gear style show with Tim Allen. #
  • The 13b lined up with the transmission and motor mounts this time. Yay! @bahnzai @stammy @aceonline #
  • Used -moz-border-radius and -webkit-border-radius in #CSS3. Whoah that adds to a page's look. #
  • @stephenfleming @stammy Should just get your neighborhood together and bridge all the 'commercial' conns. 1 conn wld l b slow,torrents blaze #
  • "We didn't rehearse today because we didn't care" Conan #
  • Vacuum hoses on my car are giving me a headache. The FSM does not match my hardware. #RX-7 #13b #

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