On Firefox 3.6 Today

Recently, I\’ve been experimenting with a lot of the new HTML 5 specifications with web forms, javascript, and video. In addition, new browsers have a lot of new features… like with -moz-border-radius or -webkit-border-radius that makes having rounded divs so much easier.


I tried google chrome for about a week. It uses the new HTML 5 \”placeholder\” text for forms that help discretely, but usefully label a form field. BUT extensions were the problem, namely, the twitter extensions weren\’t pretty or easy to use. Beyond that, the extensions for gmail were pretty ugly as well. I probably did check my google voice pretty often though. In terms of a browser though, it was fine, stable, fast, and I could tell that it used less ram than firefox but both would kill my netbook\’s ram.

What\’s new in Firefox 3.6? 3.6 has themes for your browser, immediately making it more like Chrome. The extensions for it are still great (I use echofan for tweets) It seems to have several more HTML5 type features, and seems possibly more stable and seems to be able to run more tabs just as easily.

Security concerns should be driving you to choose a new browser if you use Internet Explorer after the whole IE attacking Google in China. Separating your browser from your operating system is probably a great idea.

Extensions in Firefox can do more than they can do in any other browser, prettier too. I recently used iMacros to repetitively change DNS setting for about 60 domains on a web system that would have taken several hours without the system. I\’m trying a few optimizers too, Fasterfox can help speed up rendering (but please use the nice to the internet features), there is also a sql lite optimizer that keeps firefox running well.

That\’s it for now. Try the new firefox at http://getfirefox.com