Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-17

  • Stock market is sinking most that it has in a long, all thanks to Alcoa #
  • Anybody going to the Atlanta Boat Show this week? I'm sad I don't have a table this year! #
  • Just added security to TAG in 3 lines of code.Non users can no longer see the Admin and Student navigation! preg_match() and $user->Status #
  • Apparently strpos is much more efficient than doing a full regex search for a string… #
  • @Gomeler @skalnik Python will be easy to pick up with PHP knowledge other than a few weird f() names. Can use SQL with it too – django in reply to Gomeler #
  • Moved the RX-7 back to the garage. Hope to put the block back in tomorrow. #
  • @gomeler The westin windows are no longer enviro compliant (see reflective lead) they got a new supplier and are starting from the top down. #

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