RX-7 in the Garage

After minor issues turned into major issues that delayed my project car for weeks/months, I pushed my RX-7 back into the garage today. The latest issue was that the old pilot bearing had been pushed too far in. New updates are that the engine is now Red and Silver. I have a new clutch and new polyurethane motor mounts, I feel only a few days / week away from cranking her up.

  • I ordered new power steering hoses from Autozone today because the old ones were leaking
  • It seems impossible to find silicone vacuum hoses at local autoshops, I was hoping to upgrade because my old rubber ones are brittle, hard, and cracky. But to no avail. Maybe I will order some online.

About that Interview

I haven\’t heard back from nCircle yet. Thank you everybody who saw the blog post about my interview on your google alert. This week I\’ve been finding easier, better, and more efficient ways to handle security in some of my PHP apps. Last week at WordCamp Atlanta got me thinking that I need to reconsider usability on my server a I don\’t like the feeling of allowing an ftp user access all of the time to my WordPress parent folder.

Camera died at wordcamp

My camera died at wordcamp Atlanta last week. It just won\’t turn on at all, almost like there is something wrong with the batteries or case, but I obviously tried that. I even ensured that the \”battery door is open\” switch was getting closed. The batteries are connecting because I tested lines and the common ground throughout the board with my test light. Hopefully Canon will send me ideas. I really don\’t want to buy the upgraded A1100 IS because the lens ring doesn\’t allow for external lenses like my current one. AND I LIKE SHOOTING TOO MUCH WIDE ANGLE.