Driving on Ice

This Thursday in Atlanta it snowed and so there has been ice on the roads Friday and Saturday – which the news seemed to have a lot of fun covering.

This reminds me that I wish every driver out there had to autocross (SCCA $35) before they get their actual license.

Driving in ice is a lot like racing. There I said it. It all has to do with traction: in either situation when your wheels aren\’t actually getting traction, you\’re best off if you wait for traction to be restored before trying to change input. This means that if you try braking, turning, and accelerating you are just getting farther and farther away from traction.

On ice, or the track:
* Don\’t out-brake your tires. Locking up is bad and will likely result in a spin when a locked up wheel does grip.
*Don\’t try to steer when you\’re sliding. Turning your wheels sideways just means that they are farther away from traction.
*Watch the acceleration. Don\’t be sudden on (or off)

A great suggestion that I have is to try out sliding on the ice. If you have a wide flattish street and a patch of ice with no other cars. Try a slow speed version of slamming on your brakes, accelerating hard (I don\’t actually suggest turning here.)

That\’s it.

I am not responsible for any damages this advice may cause.