Volunteering for WordCamp Atlanta

I found out tonight that my volunteer application for WordCamp Atlanta went through and I can be useful!\"wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb\" I didn\’t really think that I would go because I kind of just believe in wordpress for blogs and simple sites, but I\’ve started seeing people create entire websites on it as a CMS.

A few examples would be http://startupriot.com that has a registration system and tons of others that are really useful.

I suppose that the websites that I code for tend to be more targeted towards what I see as an out of the box task. But sometimes, maybe I just don\’t see the true capabilities of wordpress towards looking less like a blog.

In Fact, in TAG Development I\’m actually trying to base a lot of the templating and extensibility towards the way that wordpress handles everything.  I have a Site.class that is managing most of the site functions and then it can load up the preferred template. With this style of templating, you really shouldn\’t need to search much for the right document to edit thing, as everything just accesses the nicely organized classes that you need.

So I look forward to learning something new.

Also, I\’ll take some extra routers so that we can all blog during the conference :-P.