Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-27

  • @stammy. This morning I chose to wake up at 5am and do work for about 2 hours. It worked, I closed out two tickets in a system. #
  • @Stammy My pup woke me up barking a lot this morning. I ended up putting two futon mattresses over his pen and he got quiet. in reply to Stammy #
  • @sanjay @colinake As a former SGA rep: you'd be surprised how much SGA pays for that it probably shouldn't. #
  • RT: @krelnik: Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World by @TheOnion: /via @jlweiss #
  • Got the GT Foundation annual report. Not only were the GT Student Foundation's numbers better, their report was easier to read in a pdf. #
  • @mikeschinkel @colinake I noticed it earlier and thought that it was a rendering he made with Avatar coming out. Closer inspec says just hdr #
  • I just laughed way out loud. Google can make you a superhero (or super villain) #
  • 2 decades of the internet. I switched from BBSes to the internet in 98. #
  • When I couldn't find drivers 4 my 1st digital camera for Win, tried Linux, exprmntl drivers kinda work, with some postproc. 320×240, ouch #
  • Too much cookie cake on Christmas eve lunch. Sugar crashing… now. #
  • Merry Chrismtmas. My lil nephews are running around on Santa Claus's bikes #
  • My youngest nephew pronounces the TR in Truck as an F. Catches me off guard with his new ambulance that he thinks is a firetruck #
  • Ho ho ho! Win a Macbook Pro from @dealsplus for Christmas. Details here: #
  • Setting up electronics post Christmas lunch nap. Nephews are still asleep. Didn't catch their attn with Muppet Christmas Carol. #
  • @Stammy a 3 SSD striped raid sounds awesomely fast! #
  • @skalnik for a bike, I'd suggest finding an old school 27" 10 speed road bike. A steel frame doesn't hurt as much as AL in the ATL #

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