New Puppy : Midnite


To join the ranks of many other 23 year old guys out there (I\’m thinking Waterski and Startup.)

Well, technically he is my parents\’ puppy (which I made sure to clarify,) but he is more attached to me. Really attached, like if I get 10 feet away from him he either wimpers or runs to catch up to me.

I\’ve never had a puppy before, all of my previous dogs have been 3 years old before we got them. This is also my first male dog.


The first week has been challenging. As the one person in the house that he reports to the most, sometimes I want my space. And he can\’t stand to sleep too far away from me (we\’re moving his crate a few inches every night.) Similarly, as a puppy he has some instincts that I have to work on curving, such as his need to bark back at any strange sound he hears (raking the leaves) and to remember to go to the bathroom outside and not go on the carpet (too often… I spoil him sometimes or the good sofas.)

He also likes chewing on my toes, and recently, my socks. Tonight I was putting my shoes on to take him for a walk and my sock went missing between the time that I picked it up and put one shoe on.

Midnite is the name he got from his previous owner (shortened to the geek Midi — well, maybe when his bark gets to sounding better — is Dog a midi synthesized instrument? It\’s appropriate because my mom can\’t see him at all. He has a distinct black lab look, with a small white chest hair area.  He\’s 6 months old… has big legs, but I can still sprint faster than him.

So far he doesn\’t pick up tennis balls, but plays with a squeaky toy. He tore up a guitar chew toy, but loves socks (black socks.) Eating a carpet is something to train not to do as well.