Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-06

  • Every ChickFilA employee I've asked say policy is typically to accept all coupons @davidscohen @chick_fil_a #
  • Anybody still need a google wave invite? DM me. Maybe you will use it more than me. #
  • Might be able to have beer in campus bldngs, grad parties do it all of the time. Seen it in Klaus,Ford,mgt @keithmcgreggor @colinake @pfreet #
  • Trying to retrain a puppy to not sleep on the couch seems difficult. #
  • @Linkedin seems more like an annoyance than fun or really useful. FYI I'm less than fully employed so I'm completely their market #
  • Re: Event Locations – Some movie theaters are renting out empty weekdays for business teleconferences. Stage wouldn't rlly exist @colinake #
  • Kind of excited about Live Migration in Virtualbox 3.1 – seems like it's really getting there. #
  • The 2010 Moomba Outback went up in price again. $34k now, used to be $32. No major new features. what are they doing? #
  • Trying crating puppy tonight as he escaped his room last night. He doesn't like it one bit. #
  • @TheMoneyMaven It's impossible to have had AIDS; if your t-cell CD4 count ever drops below 200 you perm have AIDS and not just HIV+ in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • Yeah, the AIDs verus HIV+ thing is kind of messed up policy, you can be healthy as a rock and not get rid of the aids title @TheMoneyMaven in reply to TheMoneyMaven #
  • Rainy and cold in Atlanta brrr… I want summer back #
  • @gomeler good luck. As long as code is stable enough to do each task separately you should be good. Least that's how my experience was. #
  • It's ok to forget PHP's date() parameter string because it's probably the best documented language (and possibly function)
    @timdorr #
  • And yet they still make more money than the competition #southwest @stammy #
  • I just saw santa claus at lenox mall. Yay. Xmas #
  • The great thing about the Google DNS will be reduced loads on wireless routers at big events, like #tedxpeachtree #asw3 #barcampatl #
  • Being pressured by family to come up with what I might want for Christmas. #
  • Having a PowerSteamer makes it 540% easier to clean up after dog messes. #
  • My Email to Sean Hannity Re: Al Gore / Climategate episode #
  • Christmas Shopping, Can't wait for SEC / ACC gametime. #
  • Onion: Jesus denies unrealistic expectations coaching at Notre Dame #
  • I'm hoarse from cheering for #gt at @tacomac for tha ACC Championship. Go Jackets. Texas caught a lucky break. What happened FL? #
  • RX-7 needs new motor mounts. Solid (cheap) , Poly (mid), or Competition Rubber ($70)? #

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