My Email To Sean Hannity Re: Al Gore / Climate Gate

Last night my dad stopped on Sean Hannity when I was visiting with him after work, and we saw a brief portion of his segment on the Al


Gore / Climate Gate issue which had me ask my dad the following questions, which he then basically told me to shut-up with my \”liberal biases\” (see: wanting to actually consider things with other facts in a logical manner) that I developed from living in the city and e-mail Sean Hannity.

I decided to email Sean.


I saw some of your segment on Climate Gate and Al Gore last night and some of it concerned me.

A big question that I have about conservative politics is why is the conservative stance seems (and I could be wrong here) so against the environment. My conservative stance on the environment probably comes from being a Boy Scout, where we learn to leave a place better than we found it. With these thoughts in mind, conservatives should naturally try [to] self-impose [limiting] any changes they make to the environment. History makes me believe these were similar ideas to why Theodore Roosevelt (R) started the conservation act.

My other major concern is that you are attacking Al Gore\’s personal lifestyle after we\’ve seen no huge personal attacks on other individuals from him. I only skimmed through his movie some years ago, but I didn\’t notice him saying that nobody should drive / fly / boat anymore. I was lucky to see his cameo on the hilarious 30 Rock during green week, where he told Kenneth that it\’s not all up to an individual person, but that we must work together. Could we play a little more \”fair\” and just complain about his endorsing false data (great with the Oscar news) instead of stressing unjustified personal lifestyle attacks?

Thank you for your response,

Stephen Reid

The segment goes a lot further than the two points that I mentioned and I don\’t want to decrease the chance that my two points won\’t be answered by Sean.


One point is that Al Gore\’s Mansion uses 20x more energy than the average American Household, even though it\’s green. Wait, hold on, you\’re telling me that a wealthy person\’s mansion uses more energy than the average household in America and it\’s news? First, the average household in America probably includes thousands of duplexes, condos, and apartments, which are more efficient because they have have at least one less wall to heat. But Factcheck goes deeper into proving the fact, The Gore Mansion is 4x bigger than the average American household at 10,000 square feet (and that makes it 2000 square feet bigger than Bush\’s Crawford Ranch home) and the mansion is in fact LEED certified, which means that it excels in at least 5 areas of excellence. If we\’re talking Mansions and Millionaires, why don\’t we start counting all of the vacation homes, condos, and expensive hotels that rich people stay at and calculate their energy consumption.

The houseboat thing is just ridiculous too! A houseboat uses more gas than a car in a day is news! First let\’s think: the house in houseboat uses a lot of energy, you\’ve got about 15hp between a refrigerator, microwave, and ac for a lot of space and then on a per distance or per hour charge, a boat uses a lot more energy than a car because, unless it\’s going down river it has a whole lot more surface resistance. Next, if you\’re driving 976 miles (as cited, distance between New York and Chicago) a) you\’re going to be driving in top gear at an engine horsepower somewhere around 30% of your total engine output (using O2 sensors to increase efficiency) to go reasonably near the speed limit b) it won\’t take \”all day\” (assumes a 24 hour period – based on the quote) but should take around 16 hours (that\’s at 60mph). On a personal note, as a waterskier, I realize that the environmentally advanced engines in a brand new boat today still mean that I burn around 5 gallons of gasoline an hour – that amount of gasoline would last me between 250 and 300 miles of driving (6 hours.)

So what amazing news to slant your numbers are you going to tell me next, Sean? That Al Gore watched a lap of some sort of automobile race where a car only got 5 mpg?


FactCheck on the House