Rivalry Weekend Football

I\’m not sure why, but I seem to view football games, especially Wins and Losses, differently than most people. Maybe it\’s because I played football, or maybe it\’s because my parents had no one team when we were growing up.

As you probably know, Georgia Tech (#7) lost to the University of Georgia this weekend, and it was a reasonably unexpected upset. Upset is a good word to move on from here, because some fans get REALLY UPSET when they lose or don\’t do as well as they had hoped.


Some people get too emotional though. I don\’t really understand how cursing loudly does anything but disrespect your team. I don\’t understand why you would throw something because your mad (unless you just have an abusive personality.) Heck, I don\’t know why you\’d really be mad or upset at a game, but especially a good game.

All a football game is for fans should be entertainment. You are paying to be entertained. The players really don\’t care how much you care as long as you can be that 12th man on your home field by yelling loudly.  A loss hurts your ranking a little, and so ?maybe? your pride in your team or what you might think it stands for, but it really doesn\’t.

To throw it out there, this last weekend\’s rivalry game was great entertainment, well, at least with 3 seconds left in the first half (most of the first half seemed hardly like there was a game going on to the Georgia Tech players.) The end was nail biting. There were great hits. There were amazing plays. By both teams, on both sides of the ball. I felt like I got my entertainment value out of my ticket!

It\’s great to have a friendly rivalry (and maybe fun bets like having to change a facebook profile image) and having to tell your friends Congratulations. It\’s not fun to get arrested like the fan who threw a cup at the UGA player who was waving a flag around. If you lose a game, chin up, hopefully it was a good game – you should congratulate the other team or talk about what you wish would have happened differently (not passing 4 times in a row on the last possession) and you can accept a little ragging from some other fans or a flag waving (but hopefully not a goal post removal.) If you\’re on the winning team, GREAT, go celebrate, your team is the best, calculate how you will move up in the rankings, talk about the greatest plays. In the end, just be a good sport – after all, the players weren\’t killing each other on the field, no they were coming together (in prayer.)

As a player who lost in regional playoffs on his high school football team I can tell you that losing sucks for the seniors because it means it\’s over and that you missed achieving your goal – but you\’re not mad at the other team (unless they downright cheated) and in any case, that\’s the way the world turns.

By The Way: Nice Win UGA. It was entertaining, see you next year.

In other news, the only other great game on last weekend was Auburn vs. Alabama. Runaway games aren\’t any fun.